With Angelas Background In The Public And Private Sector, Her Commitment And Dedication To Promoting Women Throughout Her Career, She Brings The Leadership, Business Acumen And Experience To Build The Future Vision For Wbdc To Help More Women Realize Their Dream Of Economic Empowerment.

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This agreement makes good economic sense for the city and for Waste Management, Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a press release after the deal was struck. It reaffirms our commitment to recycling, doesnt tie the City to a long-term contract, allows Waste Management to avoid the employee layoffs that would have likely resulted from cancellation of service in Houston and provides an opportunity for potential competitors to enter the market. Houston is just one of many cities that have stopped picking up glass, part of a larger trend taking place across the nation. Faced with rising costs from recycling companies, cities like Santa Fe, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana have also eliminated glass from their recycling contracts. Sorting through all that is like unscrambling an egg. The irony is that glass is infinitely recyclable. So why is it such a recycling pariah? To begin with, glass is heavy. Its is more expensive to transport. It breaks and can contaminate other recyclables rendering them less valuable. Broken glass can also damage machinery or injure workers who have to sort through it.

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Dowd-Burton is succeeding founding President Geri Swift, who will remain active in the organization as President Emerita and a member of the Board of Directors to assure a smooth transition and serve as an advisor on strategic initiatives. As President, Dowd-Burton will assume overall responsibilities for WBDC and WBEC. I am thrilled to take on the role of President for such an outstanding organization that fosters the development and growth of women-owned businesses, Dowd-Burton. The role that Geri has played in helping women succeed is second to none and Im honored to continue her legacy. Founded in 1995, WBDC has provided more than 28,000 women with inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and the resources they need to start new businesses and grow ธุรกิจเครือข่าย existing ones. The organization serves women from all socioeconomic backgrounds in all stages of business development that represent key sectors of the economy. I started WBDC to make sure that women had access to entrepreneurial training, counseling, capital and business opportunities, said Swift. With Angelas background in the public and private sector, her commitment and dedication to promoting women throughout her career, she brings the leadership, business acumen and experience to build the future vision for WBDC to help more women realize their dream of economic empowerment. Since 2000, as regional partner organization of the Womens Business Enterprise National Council, the nations leading third party certifier of women-owned businesses, WBEC has certified nearly 1,200 Women Business Enterprises that generate $7 billion in revenue and employ almost 30,000 in the region. It also counts 54 national and regional corporations and city, state and quasi government agencies as members. Prior to her most recent positions with the city, Dowd-Burton worked for Rohm and Haas and Dow Chemical in global roles of finance, supply chain management, commercial management, and government relations.

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